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A Pilgrim People: Learning Through the Church Year

by John H. Westerhoff , John H. Westerhoff III

A Pilgrim People: Learning Through the Church Year
Publication date: 2005-02-01
Number of pages: 114
ISBN: 9781596280106
As a people whose faith is formed and nourished by the Bible's stories of creation and fall, salvation and redemption, Christians hunger to order their lives by the church's story and their own. Our journey to God leads us through the cycle of the church year - from Advent and Christmas to Easter and the season called "ordinary time" - as we tell and retell God's story and make it the story we live by. Westerhoff looks at the gospel texts season by season, retelling their teachings not only to Christian life and ministry but to the life cycle of childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.John H. Westerhoff, John H. Westerhoff III