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A Fresh Look at Confession: ...Why it Really is Good for the Soul

A Fresh Look at Confession: ...Why it Really is Good for the Soul

David Knight was forty years a priest before he learned that priests don’t hear sins in confession. “What you are really revealing is your ideals,” he says. “The real you has a different set of ideals, reflecting your heart instead of your lapses. This you abides with God.” With these words Fr. Knight reveals that A Fresh Look at Confession is unlike anything you may have read about the sacrament. He speaks about the heart of Confession, its meaning and mystery, and why it is so necessary for authentic followers of Christ. This is deep theology, explained in clear language. But it’s also much more: Father Knight’s moving, intensely personal account of his own journey as a sinner takes readers beyond theory and into the awe-inspiring reality of our complete redemption in Jesus, who does not just forgive, but who “takes away” the sins of the world. This powerful and needed book explores confession as a sacrament of self-identity, community, and as an encounter with God. Along the way, Father Knight explains concepts and doctrines such as mortal sin, absolution, purgatory, and the need to confess sins to a priest. Powerful reading for anyone who struggles with confession, and for all who wish to explore this mystical, healing, and life-giving sacrament.David M. Knight
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