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A Formula for Proper Living: Practical Lessons from Life and Torah

A Formula for Proper Living: Practical Lessons from Life and Torah

Extraordinary wisdom to help you understand yourself, lead your life and deal with other people.

"As human beings, we have instincts for both good and evil, conscious and unconscious. To rectify ourselves―to live spiritually and properly―involves getting a handle on these impulses."
from the Introduction

In this special book of practical wisdom, Dr. Abraham J. Twerski draws from his extensive professional experience as a psychiatrist and spiritual counselor, a life-long student of Jewish wisdom texts, and his personal experience as a son of a wise Chassidic rabbi to give us practical lessons for life that we can put to day-to-day use in dealing with ourselves and others.

In a presentation as warm and witty as it is profound, Dr. Twerski combines lively anecdotes, personal musings and insights and wisdom from sources ranging from Freud to the great Talmudic and Torah scholars throughout the ages. And with deep compassion and refreshing candor, he shows how these wisdom teachings can guide us in all moments of our lives, whatever our faith tradition.

158184 Abraham J. Twerski, Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD
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