Decision to Love: Couple's Book

by John Midgley , Susan Vollmer Midgley

Decision to Love: Couple's Book
Publication date: 1900-01-01
ISBN: 9780896225145

A Decision to Love contains everything a couple needs to know about the sacrament of marriage and how to prepare for it, including the wedding ceremony itself.

This wonderful resource includes the following:

  1. The readings for the Rite of Marriage come from the official Lectionary for Mass in the U.S.
  2. The language is thoroughly modern - like the couples you are preparing! Attention is paid to the place of technology and the speed of modern life.
  3. All statistics are accurate and helpful.
  4. A realistic view of society as we live in it today in the American church is clear and pervasive. Couples preparing with this resource will be ready to face modern life with all its gifts and challenges.
  5. The Resources are all current and available.

This program is easy to use and very popular with parish leaders and couples who are working with engaged couples.

It is an outstanding educational and enrichment program, filled with valuable information about the sacrament plus questions to share, case studies to discuss, and issues to digest. Each chapter has "Relationship Checks" that encourage couples to examine their feelings on the topics of communication, family origins, sexuality, children, finances, and spirituality. Each chapter also contains "Issues for Special Focus" geared toward older couples, couples remarrying, or couples with children, and "Highlight" boxes that focus on contemporary topics like interfaith marriage, remarriage, dual-career couples, and pre-nuptial agreements.

The companion 168-page Leader's Guide contains essential information about organizing a marriage prep program plus hands-on guidance for leading sessions. It also contains a complete Wedding Liturgy Planner to help engaged couples plan their wedding ceremony.

This acclaimed marriage preparation program combines contemporary topics with spiritual, psychological, and theological principles to ground and prepare Catholic couples for a lifetime commitment to one another.
Printed version available

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