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8 Freedom Heroes: Changing the World With Faith

by Brennan R. Hill; , Brennan R. Hill

8 Freedom Heroes: Changing the World With Faith
Publication date: 2007-06-14
Number of pages: 282
ISBN: 9780867166712
Freedom is, of course, unique to us as human beings. We are the only creatures on earth who can make choices, make or break promises, and determine our own futures and the futures of others. It is an extraordinary power to choose from innumerable possibilities, and the exercise of freedom has been the source of incredible creativity, as well as horrible cruelty and destruction. It has driven the great saints to serve others, and the worst sinners to the holocausts of history.—From the Introduction

Following the success of the best-selling 8 Spiritual Heroes: Their Search for God, Brennan Hill further explores biographical theology-a lived theology that comes out of experiences and events. In this current volume, Hill profiles heroes of freedom-men and women who lived as emancipators, liberators, stars of social justice.

From the theological insights of Bernard Häring to the humble leadership of Cesar Chavez, to the life-risking heroics of Harriet Tubman to the lifelong bravery of Susan B. Anthony, the work of these heroes has established the freedoms we enjoy today. Their stories inspire the heroes of tomorrow.

"Master teacher Brennan Hill has a unique gift for sharing with others the wisdom of heroes who possess a distinctive charism for acting freely. May Hill's riveting stories find their way into the hands of readers young and old."—Keith J. Egan, Saint Mary's College and University of Notre Dame

"By sharing an intimate view of the private lives of these heroes, Brennan Hill has enriched our appreciation of their public struggles for freedom."—Daniel Di Domizio, professor of religious studies, Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee

"In a world given over to hype, sensationalism and Hollywood's superficial heroes…Hill's book is like a refreshing breeze at the end of a sweltering, summer day. This book touched my heart."—Richard Penaskovic, professor of religious studies, Auburn University

"In a culture saturated with media images that portray freedom as self-serving license, Hill's heroes teach us that true freedom is to be found in faithfulness, responsibility, love, justice and liberation from exploitation. Their stories challenge and inspire."—Elizabeth Groppe, assistant professor of theology, Xavier University, Cincinnati
Brennan R. Hill;, Brennan R. Hill

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