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30 Questions and Answers about Christian Meditation

by Paul Harris;

30 Questions and Answers about Christian Meditation
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9782896883707
We live in a noisy world filled with distractions. But we can all find stillness and silence in contemplative prayer when we pour our energy, time and love into this age-old practice. What is Christian Meditation? Why should one meditate? Why is silence important in our life and in the practice of meditation? These are just three of the 30 questions found in this practical and thoughtful book by long-time meditator Paul Harris. Whether you are exploring Christian Meditation for the first time, meditate regularly, or are returning to this spiritual practice, you will find useful information and inspiration here to motivate and guide you on this journey to the heart of God.Paul T. Harris

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