15 Days of Prayer with Saint Francis of Assisi

by Thaddee Matura

15 Days of Prayer with Saint Francis of Assisi
Publication date: 2009-05-01
ISBN: 9781565483156
Many contemporary readers may be familiar with Francis’s life but not his spiritual vision. In 15 Days of Prayer with Saint Francis, Thaddée Matura selects key texts and provides a commentary that introduces the Poverello’s gospel-based message. This volume provides a spiritual itinerary: the grandeur and misery of the human condition; the love of neighbor, especially the poor and the marginalized; poverty, the path to perfect joy; wonder over all of creation; and above all, discovering and praising the mystery of the Trinity, the center of every Christian life. Those who may have only an anecdotal acquaintance with the facts of Francis’s life will be astonished at the density of his spiritual message.Thaddee Matura

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