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101 Questions & Answers on the Historical Books of the Bible

by Victor H. Matthews

101 Questions & Answers on the Historical Books of the Bible
Publication date: 2009-11-02
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9780809146185
This volume from the 101 Questions & Answers series, on the historical books of the Bible, provides easy to understand answers to commonly asked questions. In some cases this means going into depth on a biblical narrative such as Why did Samuel challenge or condemn Saul s leadership on several occasions? or Why does Jeremiah counsel the people of Jerusalem to accept the yoke of Babylon ?" In other cases, basic information is provided that assists the reader with background or social world details, such as What influence do topography and climate have on Israel s history? or What weapons and warfare tactics were used by the Israelites and their opponents? In some cases the volume outlines brief summaries of historical events or the major nations and peoples that have an impact on the history of ancient Israel: What role is played by the Sea Peoples in Israelite history? or Who are the Amalekites and what role do they play in Israelite history? Rounding out the collection are questions on the structure and plot of each of the historical books. Charts embedded into the text provide quick overviews of themes or information on extra-biblical sources. In every case, the answers are designed to aid the layperson, minister, or religious professional to more quickly gain a basic understanding of the biblical world and its history.Victor H. Matthews