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101 Questions & Answers on Women in the New Testament (101 Question and Answers on)

by Judith Schubert, R.S.M. , Judith Schubert RSM

101 Questions & Answers on Women in the New Testament (101 Question and Answers on)
Publication date: 2014-03-27
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 9780809148455
The topic of women in the New Testament surfaces as a very important one in twenty-first century Christianity. Since the percentage of women in these churches remains very high, it becomes imperative that women of faith understand their biblical foremothers. Moreover, Christian men, especially those who serve in ministry, also need to understand both named and unnamed women in the sacred text in their roles as faithful followers of Jesus. In this way Christians will increase their knowledge and hopefully, their appreciation of the importance of biblical women as role models for leadership.

Why are none of the New Testament books written by women? Why is Mary, mother of Jesus, so revered and yet mentioned so infrequently in the gospels? It seems in the first century women and men led very segregated lives. How could unaccompanied women have been allowed to follow Jesus, as in Luke 8:1-3? Given the patriarchy of the period, why is Priscilla named before her husband in Acts 18:26? How come Paul thinks women shouldn t be a voice in the church, but yet in Romans 16, Phoebe is mentioned as a deacon? Since there were obviously women deacons like Phoebe in the early church, how and when did that custom change?

The questions within the book have been asked by graduate and undergraduate students as well as by audiences to whom Judith Schubert has lectured. But they will inform anyone who has read the Bible and has interest in the role of women in the church.Judith Schubert, R.S.M., Judith Schubert RSM

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