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Joe Sinasac


Publisher’s letter Jan 2019

Dear Friends,

I’m sure many of you share with me my relief at the end of 2018 and anticipation for a much better 2019. New years are always a good time to express our hope and resolve for better things ahead.

At Novalis, we often turn to St. Francis de Sales in January (his feast day is January 24) as a model in communicating the Good News. He did not bring down fire and brimstone on those he believed had fallen into sin. Instead, he sought to know why those who disagreed with him believed the way they did. Then he would reply, in his many spiritual letters and publications, in a way that would appeal to his readers’ better instincts.

Novalis tries to maintain this spirit in our many publications, especially when tackling those social issues that have generated so much controversy in these times. This spring, we are proud to be working in collaboration with Mary-Jo Leddy, a well-known and much-beloved advocate for refugees. Why are We Here? A Meditation on Canada is Mary Jo’s plea to all Canadians to reflect on our relationships with indigenous peoples, the environment and immigrants. In this cri de coeur, the author challenges our consciences while offering a hope-filled path to a more compassionate country.

We also draw from two famous Catholics of Canadian history to offer a counter-example to today’s rampant fear of strangers. Been Hoping We Might Meet Again: The Letters of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Marshall McLuhan, illustrates one of the most fruitful relationships in Canadian history, between Canada’s superstar intellectual and prime minister and the world-famous mass media guru during the turbulent sixties and seventies. Author Elaine Kahn draws fascinating lessons for today from this correspondence, collected here in its entirety for the first time.

Given the crisis in the Church, reeling from the ongoing revelations of clergy sex abuse, the newest book by Michael W. Higgins and Kevin Burns could not be more timely. Impressively Free: Henri Nouwen as Model for a Reformed Priesthood, uses the example of beloved spiritual writer and priest to offer a way out of clericalism and into a reformed Church.

These are only three of a long list of spring titles that will move and inspire you throughout 2019. We know you will find something to suit your needs.

So as you move through 2019, we wish you happy reading and may St. Francis guide you in all your work.

Yours in Christ,

Joseph Sinasac

Publishing Director