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This Economy Kills

by Andrea Tornielli; , Giacomo Galeazzi; , Giacomo Galeazzi;, Andrea Tornielli

This Economy Kills
Publication date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 168
ISBN: 9782896882403
Grounded in Pope Francis encyclical The Joy of the Gospel, This Economy Kills invites us to consider papal thoughts on capitalism, social justice and how Christians are called to shape the world. This Economy Kills explores Pope Franciss reflections on capitalism, and how harmful he believes it is to people who are working class, disabled, female or members of large families. While some accuse the pope of being a Marxist, the two authorswidely respected Vatican journalistsargue otherwise. They delve deep into Francis views, talking about his commitment to equality and belief in the sanctity of life. Probing and eminently readable, this book provides readers with a deeper understanding of the economy of Western culture and how it creates a society of inequality. It also includes the full text of a chapter-long interview the authors did with Francis. While some excerpts of that interview have been published, this will be its first appearance in full in English.Andrea Tornielli;, Giacomo Galeazzi;, Andrea Tornielli


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