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John XXIII: A Saint for the Modern World

by Lucinda Vardey

John XXIII: A Saint for the Modern World // WS20
Publication date: 2014-03-01
Number of pages: 48
ISBN: 9782896880140
A succinct, yet profoundly insightful, biography of Pope John XXIII that invites us to consider his impact upon the Church. Although often overshadowed by popes of recent memory, Pope John XXIII’s mark upon the Church will be felt for generations to come. Born of humble beginnings and christened Angelo Giuseppe, he rose to become an advocate of peace, champion of justice and proponent of Church reform. Pope John XXIII accomplished more in a few short years than what we could ever imagine doing in a lifetime. Now, some forty years later, the Church celebrates the remarkable life and witness of Good Pope John. Discover in this brief biography the incredible story of Pope John XXIII and grow in appreciation of the lessons his teaching offers to us today. Thoroughly engaging and deeply inspiring, this booklet offers much for us to reflect upon and challenges us to embrace Pope John XXIII’s call to “cultivate a flourishing garden of life and to prepare for a glorious future.” Lucinda Vardey

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