Co-Creators with God: Creative Strategies for Faith Formation

by Bernadette T. Stankard

Co-Creators with God: Creative Strategies for Faith Formation
Publication date: 2007-01-15
ISBN: 9781585955848
This refreshing and appealing resource for catechists will help them reawaken and strengthen their creativity. It will give them ways to once again trust their own creative gifts and to use them more often, and best of all it will help them look at God and those they teach in new and exciting ways. Using anecdotes, practical advice, and theological insights, Stankard talks about obstacles to creativity, creativity and faith formation, creativity in the spiritual life, transformation, the journey to wholeness, and sharing in Gods creation. She invites readers to reflect carefully on the ideas, examples, and questions she offers and to experience the creativity exercises, which can lead to gentle but powerful changes in their spiritual lives. A great resource for DREs, principals, catechists, teachers, parents, and anyone who feels the need to develop their creative gifts!Bernadette T. Stankard