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Call on Your Angels: How to Release Angelic Blessings into Your Life

by Claire Nahmad; , Claire Nahmad

Call on Your Angels: How to Release Angelic Blessings into Your Life
Publication date: 2014-04-22
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9781780286808

Some think that a time will come again when angels will "walk with men" and that this second coming of the brotherhood between humanity and angels will be widespread and natural - an accepted part of our everyday experience. However, angels cannot comune with men unless we raise our vibrations and consciousness. In this title, Claire Nahmad explains how to still the mind and summon angels to help in every life situation, especially when you are in particular need. She reveals the special blessings angels bring to groups - family, work, or others - how angels communicate with us, guide us and interact with us and describes the multi-faceted forms of angel magic, as well as the summoning of angels by means of scents, flowers, emblems, music and chants. She discusses their symbolism in dreams, visions of angels throughout the ages, and the importance of angelic aid and mercy in healingand revitalizing the life of the individual.

Claire Nahmad;, Claire Nahmad

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