A Place Prepared

by Paraclete Video Productions;

A Place Prepared
Publication date: 2006-09-01
ISBN: 9781557253828

For children, death seems unreal and at a distance until it comes close: A grandparent, a father, a mother, a sibling, or a pet dies. Suddenly death becomes real and immediate, and children have questions about what has happened: What does die mean? Where is Daddy now? In heaven? Can I go see him? And what is heaven? A Place Prepared will help you to prepare children for the inevitable losses that they will experience throughout their lives.

Featuring experts in the field of death and family issues, Rabbi Dr. Earl A. Grollman, Ralph Klicker, Ph.D., and Joey O'Connor offer practical suggestions and insightful tips for helping children to come to terms with this difficult topic.

The video is divided into four segments:

  • Being honest with ourselves, as adults, about death
  • Understanding death and children's emotional response to it
  • Talking with children about funerals
  • Talking with children about heaven

Forthcoming: Order it now. This product will be available on the 2006/09/01.

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