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Our Father Is.

by Maria Luisa Eguez; , Maria Luisa Eguez

Our Father Is.
Publication date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 28
ISBN: 9782896881895
Through compelling illustrations and a simple format, children will learn about God as Creator and his role in their everyday lives. Our Father Is opens kids hearts and minds to the creative work of God in the world. As children read through the pages of this book, they'll be challenged to think of God as the creator of the universe and to appreciate his artistic side. When children are tempted to fight over mundane things (my fathers car is bigger than your fathers car), the book reminds us to give thanks to God for creating and preserving us all. With this book, parents can call to their attention the fascinating evidence in creation that there is a Creator. Parents and grandparents will enjoy reading this book about Gods role in our everyday lives to their young children.Maria Eguez, Silvia Colombo

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