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Jesus Wears Socks with Sandals

by S. James Meyer

Jesus Wears Socks with Sandals
Publication date: 2020-09-01
ISBN: 9781627855587
“Life has a way of unfolding both sequentially and randomly, often at the same time. It’s seldom tidy.” With these wise words, best-selling author, S. James Meyer is back with another round of inspirational anecdotes and joyful reflections that capture the sacred moments in everyday life. With his signature wry humor, Meyer shines a light on Christ’s presence in the seemingly ordinary encounters of daily living— a date night, a meeting with a child’s teacher, a chance encounter with a traveling evangelist. Jesus Wears Socks with His Sandals is packed with so many fresh spiritual lessons and honest personal discoveries that you’ll want keep reading even as you are pulled to pause and ponder the keen insights of each story.S. James Meyer