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The 20-Minute Retreat (Ebook Edition)

by David B. Perrin

The 20-Minute Retreat (Ebook Edition)
Publication date: 2019-09-01
ISBN: 9782896887620
Drawing primarily from biblical stories, the experiences of Christian women and men throughout the ages, as well as his own experiences, David Perrin helps us understand what it means to live life deeply with God in today’s world. Each chapter is designed as a 20-minute self-guided spiritual retreat that can be carried out over a 21-day period or picked up on the occasional bases for personal guidance and inspiration. Questions for reflection at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity for a personal and continued reflection on the chapter in the context of one’s own life. David Perrin reaches into the deep wells of Christian tradition to serve us a drink of needed water. This is more than a simple “feel-good” spirituality. You will enter some real depths here. Put this book on your coffee-table. Ronald Rolheiser OMI, President, Oblate School of Theology Perrin’s guidance is psychologically astute, filled with helpful ideas about how to engage this journey in the context of a full existence, fueled by the desire to live a loving, creative, meaningful, Christian life. Readers are gently, yet directly challenged to reflect on who they are and the ways in which they find the reflection of God’s face in this world, including their own. Elizabeth Dreyer, Professor Emerita, Fairfield UniversityDavid B. Perrin