Christian Roots, Contemporary Spirituality (Time to Listen)

by Lynda Barley

Christian Roots, Contemporary Spirituality (Time to Listen)
Publication date: 2006-05-02
Number of pages: 72
ISBN: 9780715141021
Time to Listen is a series of booklets that present current research messages for the Church today in an accessible way. It is intended to help ordinary churches understand the changes in the world around them.

Christian roots, contemporary spirituality, the first title in the series, looks at recent social trends and attitudes towards church, God and belief.

Drawing on current research, Lynda Barley addresses the question of how British society engages with church today and uncovers some surprising signs of encouragement. Her analysis shows that the Christian faith still has a place at the heart of the nation – on a personal and national level.

Combining analysis with real-life stories, she encourages the Church to take advantage of residual inherited faith in order to engage with the spiritual needs of those outside the Church.Lynda Barley