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My Very Own Christmas Carol Storybook

My Very Own Christmas Carol Storybook

By David Mead

Introduce children to the characters in Charles Dickens’
beloved story, A Christmas Carol, in a way that places
new focus on the true past, present and future of
Christmas joy—our Lord Jesus. Just as Ebenezer
Scrooge was changed by looking back, looking around
him and looking to the future, we can all celebrate the
Advent truth that Jesus was welcomed long ago in a
Bethlehem stall, is welcome each day in our hearts
and has promised to one day welcome us to our
heavenly home. Remove the activity sheet in the
center of each book to create a Christmas
Carol playset. Each day of December, the
Christmas characters share how God blesses
us and prompt us to be a blessing to others. Ages 5-12.


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