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by ed. Brian Singer-Towns

Publication date: 2011-08-30
Number of pages: 1600
ISBN: 9781599821351
Over 650 lively articles draw on the most current biblical scholarship and combine with the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible to address the interests and real-life concerns of today's Catholic young people. The Catholic Youth Bible is designed to help adolescents and young adults: * answer life's important questions * see themselves as a vital part of God's saving work in the world * make connections to Catholic beliefs and traditions * read the Bible regularly * study the Bible, pray the Bible, live the Bible! Attractively designed in two colors, The Catholic Youth Bible includes many engaging, insightful, and inspiring features: * introductions to important biblical people * background information about the culture and traditions of biblical times * articles that trace the biblical roots of many Catholic beliefs and practices * articles that share African American, Asian American, Hispanic and Latino American, and Native American cultural experiences, religious symbols, prayers, and poetry related to the Bible * articles that help the reader use the Bible for personal prayer * articles that apply the Bible's messages to relevant situations young people face now over seventy illustrations throughout the Bible * eight reading plans * four special indexes to events, people, and teachings; sacrament connections; life and faith issues; and article subjects * nine full-color maps * two full-color timelines of biblical and historical events * twenty-three full-color photographs of biblical places and multicultural images of Jesus ed. Brian Singer-Towns

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