God, Yahweh, Allah: What Kids Want to Know--100 Questions About Faith and Belief

by Katia Mrowiec, Michael Kubler, and Antoine Sfeir , Michael Kubler, Antoine Sfeir

God, Yahweh, Allah: What Kids Want to Know--100 Questions About Faith and Belief
Publication date: 2014-03-01
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9782896466221

An essential collection of questions and answers about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. A perfect resource for teachers, parents and catechists.

We are increasingly encountering women and men of other religious traditions. As our friendships and communities grow more closely together, our own questions increase. Yet we often find ourselves uncertain of who to ask, and afraid we might offend.

Three internationally acclaimed journalists answer some of our deepest questions about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Ranging from everyday life and daily customs to inquiries into the meaning of life and the mystery of the afterlife, these questions and their responses offer us the essentials of the three great monotheistic traditions.

Using everyday language, the authors try to articulate who God is for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Teachers, parents and catechists will welcome this outstanding resource as they seek to understand and better explain to others the teachings of these traditions.

Katia Mrowiec is the mother of four boys and a journalist who has written for several religious magazines.

Fr. Michael Kubler, A.A., is an Assumptionist priest and a journalist for the Catholic daily newspaper La Croix. With a doctorate in theology, he has a longstanding interest in the great religious questions of the world.

Antoine Sfeir is a journalist and the editorial director of the French periodical Cahiers de l'Orient. A specialist in Islam, he is frequently interviewed on television and radio.

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